The All Eyes On You Course

You've watched your friends, colleagues and competition land guest blog posts, appear on podcasts, secure tv spots and write for popular magazines. They're getting featured on bigger, well-known platforms and are increasing their visibility, growing their audience, boosting their revenue and earning the kind of credibility you crave. 

You want in too - so you start researching how to get featured and working up the courage to pitch your dream publication, podcast or online platform (you know, places like The Huffington Post, Being Boss and Oprah magazine).

That's when the doubt settles in. It's when you start comparing yourself to everyone else. It's when you start feeling like you aren't quite ready or professional enough to start pitching your business, products, services or self yet. It's when you start thinking that maybe getting your self and business ready to get featured isn't worth the effort it requires - and honestly, even if it was, you wouldn't know where to start.

So you put your goals to get featured on hold, and fail to realize that you are actually so close to being ready. In fact, you're just 5 simple steps away - and I'm sharing these steps with you now in The All Eyes on You Course. These steps will help you:

• Boost your confidence so you feel like the talented professional you really are when you start pitching your dream publications, podcasts and platforms.

• Know for certain that your business is ready to get featured because you've taken the right steps to prep yourself.  

• Set yourself up for success by helping you look like a total boss when the people you're pitching check out your work (increasing your chances of getting a yes).  

• Better leverage that first feature (and every one that comes after it) so you can capitalize on that moment when you get featured and everyone's eyes are on you.




This online course includes 5 core lessons delivered through online training videos and a comprehensive workbook to help guide you through the lessons. 

LESSON 1: CRAFT A VALUE-CENTERED ELEVATOR PITCH. You know that elevator pitch that's always tripping you up? You're going to create (or refine) yours so you can finally talk about the work you do with confidence and ease. (And let's just say that's a pretty important skill to have when you're pitching yourself to podcasts, publications, online platforms and more.)  

LESSON 2: WRITE YOUR PRESS BIO. Have you ever decided NOT to submit a pitch because you had to include a bio with your submission? We're not going to let that happen again; in this session, you'll create a press bio to submit with your pitches (#promove). Even better: you'll learn how to create a bio that will help you stand out when you land a feature and need a bio to run alongside it.  

LESSON 3: PREP YOUR PRESS PAGE. You may not have heard of a press page but if you want to get featured, you need one. It will make you look like a total professional among the people you're pitching and create a ton of ease for you after you land your first feature. In this lesson, you'll learn how to create your press page and what to include on it as well.  

LESSON 4: STRENGTHEN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. If you think the people you're pitching aren't going to check out your social media profiles, think again. They'll use them to learn who you are, what you're about and why they'd want to feature you. In order for your profiles to support your goal to get featured, you'll take them through a quick audit that makes sure the online face of your business is engaging and on brand.  

LESSON 5: READY YOUR WEB SITE. Don't worry - I'm not going to ask you to rebrand or overhaul your web site. Instead, in this lesson, we'll take your web site through a simple review to make sure it's ready to be scrutinized by the gatekeepers you're pitching AND be viewed by all the people who will visit it after you land your first feature.  

"Before doing this course, I didn’t really know where to start when trying to get featured. It was all a bit daunting. After completing the lessons, I’ve learned loads and feel ready to pitch a feature to a big magazine. I have clarity. I know what a publication needs from a contributor and feel confident that I look like the kind of professional they’d like to work with too.”

-Julia Revitt, photographer,

"I'd done some work getting featured, and had some success on my own before this course but had never taken the steps to put together things like a succinct bio that I could use consistently as I continue to get featured in publications, or on blogs and podcasts. The daily lessons in this course were helpful because they kept me on task, and the workbook was pure gold - it had real-life examples and was well-designed and easy to follow too."

-Malisa Lieser, meal planning and natural living educator,


Do I really need to get ready to get featured? You don’t have to get ready but you really SHOULD because this is the step most creatives and entrepreneurs skip in the pitching process - and it's an important one. Here’s why: Getting your business ready to get featured positions you as the kind of professional people want to feature and increases the likelihood of getting a yes on your next pitch. It will also help you make the most of the features you land by setting you up to leverage the attention that comes when everyone's eyes are on you.

Who are you, and why should I trust what you're teaching me here? I've been playing the pitching game for more than a decade, first as a writer and editor and now as an online entrepreneur. I've been the person trying to get featured, and the person serving as the gatekeeper at various publications so I know how it works from all sides. I've also experienced the amazing results you can get when you take the time to get your business ready to get featured (and what happens when you don't). The lessons I'm teaching in this course come from these experiences and I know that they work because they're the same ones I've used myself to land features on podcasts like the Feel Good Effect and The Strategy Hour and in publications like Being Boss and The Huffington Post.

How do I know this course will work for me? The lessons you'll learn in this course have proven successful for me time after time and have helped my coaching clients take the first step to get themselves featured as well. I believe that if you commit to doing the work and follow my lead, you'll be successful too. 

Do I really have time to do something like this? If this sounds overwhelming, I can assure you it won't be because my specialty is keeping things simple. This is all totally doable for you - and you'll have my full support as you work through the workbook and online lessons each day. And remember - I'm just asking you to commit to 5 lessons and after that, you'll be ready to get featured.

What happens after I enroll in the course? After you purchase the course, you'll receive your course workbook and first lesson by email. After that, I'll send you a lesson each day for the next four days, until you complete the course.

When does the course start and finish? The course starts when you are ready to get started and ends when you finish the last lesson. It's designed to take you 5 days to complete (if you work on it or roughly 1-2 hours a day) But you'll have 24/7 access to the lessons so you can also work on your own pace or buy the course now and start it later if that suits your schedule better.

I've already gotten featured but I didn't get the results I hoped for. Will this course help me too? YES - in fact, it's probably just what you need because the reason you didn't get the results you hoped for (more sales, more growth, more eyes on you) is likely because you weren't set up to make the most of that feature when it ran. This course is a great fit for you then because it will help you land your next feature and set you up to better leverage it too.



About Ashley

Ashley Gartland helps creatives and entrepreneurs stop overcomplicating things and learn to simplify their business (not to mention their long to-do lists) so they can make more money and experience more freedom in their life. 

Ashley has been playing the entrepreneur game since she was 22, when she got her start as a freelance food writer and became known as a pitching queen among her peers and editors. After a long run doing everything from testing cocktail recipes to working as an editor at a digital media startup, Ashley launched her coaching practice to help other women build their business with more ease. 

Ashley's work has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post and Being Boss. She lives for rainy days, has a soft spot for prime-time "soap operas" and prefers kombucha over coffee to fuel her day. 

You can learn more about Ashley’s work and coaching services at


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